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CarPro Wool Wash Mitt

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CarPro Wool Wash Mitt

CarPro Swirl Free Wool Wash Mitt is made to reduce the affects of marring and causing swirl marks when washing your car. The CarPro Swirl Free Wash Mitt has long (length of 6-8cm) 100% natural merino sheep skin fibres and measures an impressive 15 x 25cm. The reverse of the wash mitt features a non-scratch fabric net within which you place your hand for good control.

  • Holds a fair amount of wash solution, while keeping low weight in wet.
  • Long fibres allow good reach into gaps and crevasses without additional tools like brushes .
  • Super soft wool fibers mitt.
  • Less water absorbing compare to similar mitt.
  • Tends to "stick" on to the paint surface, makes cleaning effective, doesn't fall off from surface.
  • Easy to rinse and clean.
  • Great control while washing , good surface coverage.
  • As seen on 5th Gear

To care for your CarPro wash mitt after use please follow the following points:

  • After use, rinse well under a warm tap water to remove as much debris and dirt as possible – do not machine wash!.
  • Use a dedicated detergent if the mitt is very dirty.
  • Allow to dry naturally
  • Brush the wool with pet brush or strong hair brush to keep the wool fluffy.

CarPro Swirl Free Wash Mitt

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Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the CarPro Wool Wash Mitt.


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CarPro Wool Wash Mitt - Average Rating

CarPro Wool Wash Mitt has an average 4.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings ( 3 user reviews).

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Overall CarPro Wool Wash Mitt has an average  4.5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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Very high quality stuff. Best effect if you pressure wash your car first and then use this with car shampoo lathered to foam. Very gentle on car paint. Professional stuff.

CarPro Wool Wash Mitt reviewed by  andrew on  - rated 4.5 stars

The wash mitt is so hairy it looks almost like a wig, but this is a good thing because the thickness is safe for my cars paint. Very good product

CarPro Wool Wash Mitt reviewed by  Ram on  - rated 5 stars

1.- Easy on/off but dependable backing for your hand
2.- Super thick pile
3.- Paint Safe – Very soft
4.- Easy Rinse - Particles collected by the fibers are easily released

1.- Durability - Stitching and backing appears extremely durable and this belongs in the pro section but I’ve only had the mitt a couple months do in good conscience I can’t prove its durability.
2.- Extra effort - required to properly care for any merino wool mitt but this one is easier to care for than similar mitts. I rather enjoy giving it a quick brush after its dry.
3.- Versatility - In my opinion not the best option for the average filthy vehicle (But I did not try)


CarPro Wool Wash Mitt reviewed by  thunderboy on  - rated 3.5 stars


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