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Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover

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Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover is the safest and fastest way to remove Bird excrement or Bird droppings, Bugs, Sap, Salt & Sand, and fresh road tar from any surface.

Poorboy's World Bird Sh#t Remover breaks down bird droppings on contact, allowing them to be safely removed. It does this due to its high-lubricity which is fortified with special cleaners. The intense cleaning action provided by Bird Sh#t Remover will not compromise the protection provided by your wax or sealant.

Poorboys World Bird Sh#t Remover can be used on:

  • Paint / Clearcoats,
  • Glass,
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic


  • Spray on
  • Count to 5
  • Wipe away with a microfibre cloth

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover - Average Rating

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover has an average 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings ( 6 user reviews).

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Overall Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover has an average  4.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  KAUSIK DAS on  - rated 5 stars

Get rids of the most stubborn of the bird droppings with a liberal use of the product.
Good smelling product. However, the container bottle could have designed in a better way since my product got leaked if it was tilted.

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  Sunny on  - rated 4 stars

For all Vehicle owners that park their vehicle in the Open. Two things are inevitable Dust and Bird SH#T.

Dust can be easily taken care off, bird SH#T is a different story all together. And if this is left to dwell to long it can start marring your paint . Here is where Poorboys Bird Sh#T shines. It cleans without effort bird SH#T even that is a couple of days old.

Application : Spray a fine mist and let it dwell for 5 to 10 seconds, then wipe off with a soft MF towel. Don't apply pressure. The Bird SH#T will literally slide off. For stubborn dried Bird SH#T, apply a fine mist again. and wipe off.

Pros : Without scratching or rubbing paint surface too hard, you can get rid of Bird SH#T. The spearmint fragrance does not make you feel "Yuck, i am removing bird SH#T"
Cons : Slightly expensive when you compare other APC, but this works much better than those.

I have one in the trunk always, that way any new bird dropping don't get a chance to dwell and are cleaned of immediately

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  Kane on  - rated 5 stars

Bought this and it shifts bird stains very well and cleanly, I recommend it.

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  J Patel on  - rated 5 stars

The Poorboys bird shit remover does exactly what it says it does, remove stubborn hardened bird sh#t. more importantly it safely removes it. I'm now keeping it in the trunk

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  Anirudh on  - rated 5 stars

Love the spearmint smell! High efficacy. Removed 3 day old dried poo without fuss. However, if the car's surface is very curvy, the liquid easily runs off and you might need to use more than you planned for. Hence, the removal of a star!

Poorboys Bird SH#T Remover reviewed by  Himan on  - rated 4 stars


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