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DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel

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DC Basics
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DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel

This deluxe Giant Drying Towel is an amazing 24" x 36" and has red microfibre lined edges that will not scratch with a very deep pile meaning it is super absorbent allowing for safe streak free drying of your car.

It has an amazing 60cm X 90cm or 24 inches X 36 inches (2ft X 3ft) drying surface meaning that with the one towel you can comfortably dry the whole car. It is an impressive 440 GSM.

It is very plush which means it can soak up 10 times its own weight of water. As the drying towel is lint free it means you can easily dry your car without streaks.

The short fibre side is great for buffing away to achieve a perfect mirror finish. The long fibre side works great in quick detail and waterless car wash applications where dirt needs to be carried off from the paint surface.

  • Edges that wont scratch
  • Streak free absorbent Towel
  • Lint free with no streaks
  • 440 GSM

60cm x 90cm / 24" x 36"


Please refer to the manufacturers instructions before using the DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel.


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DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel - Average Rating

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel has an average 5 out of 5 based on 26 ratings ( 26 user reviews).

The reviews submitted below are genuine customer reviews and are their real opinions. For that reason we believe they are useful and trustworthy to you, a potential new purchaser of the DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel.

Overall DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel has an average  5 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

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I'm extremely satisfied with it and highly recommend it to everyone.
Good value for money and 1 towel is more than enough to completely dry a sedan. Alternatively, you can also use it for drying 2 small cars at once.
Impressed with the way it absorbs water and there are no marks left after it dries the surface.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Sunny on  - rated 5 stars

really absorbing microfibre. dries out the car with a single pass

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Arun Mohanan on  - rated 5 stars

Works great. Can easily dry my car. Absorbs water and leaves no water streaks.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Krishna Katragadda on  - rated 5 stars

Great Product. One Item enough for my Rani (Ertiga). Nice and easy

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Hebbar on  - rated 5 stars

good enough to dry the car fast enough

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  punit k on  - rated 5 stars

Purchased the drying towel 6 months back and having good experience as it leaves no traces of water on the body.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Water Absorving Towel. on  - rated 5 stars

Excellent water absorption, and big size enables drying entire car (big sedan) at one go without squeezing or wringing. Dry cleaning is also easy due to the different fibre lengths on each side.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Umesh on  - rated 5 stars

The water which I used to clean car is hard and creates water spots. Dc giant towel just dries comlete honda city in one wipe, affordable towel comparing to others. Just add to your cart if you need without any second thought.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Say bye to water spots on  - rated 5 stars

Just now got the delivery of the giant mf towel and amazed.This is my second buy of the towel and it is no jokes a wonderful towel for dry and wet cleaning.
Ive got two towels for the same and I like them.
I wish DC list out some more 50x50cms plush towels extreme strong i 380 to 440gsm as all purpose towels.Im waiting to pick them!

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  vishwanath sriram on  - rated 5 stars

I got one towel last week and is amazing to see it.
Im yet to use it,but washed it and don't feel like dirtying it Hi!
Towel is just as described and does the job excellently.It is also too good when used dry.
Im ordering one more to use as standby in glove box.
Im amazed at the plush weave and the soft fluffy touch.A must have item for all car geeks.
DC's pricing is very fair and I wish You come out with more varieties to choose from.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  sriman58 on  - rated 5 stars

Perfect Drying Towel. Already bought 2 of the same.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  S on  - rated 5 stars

Excellent choice of drying towel for the price. Is able to dry a large sedan all by itself which was the primary purpose of the purchase. Will be buying another soon.
@DC: Thanks for the quick delivery and the wonderful packaging.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Myth on  - rated 4.5 stars

Its awesome to use.. Just can say it is serving as described..

Thanks for the product & Services Detail Clean

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Deb on  - rated 5 stars

Magic!! Magic!! Magic!! Pure Magic!!

Wow. What a product. Probably the best car detailing products i bought so far..

Today being holiday in Bangalore to local bandh, i spend couple of hours in cleaning my car. In fact i got chance to try out all new products i bought from DCI.

This blue giant DC basics is the best of MF i have used. I own half a dozen Carpro BOAs, couple of Cobra gold plush, art chamois & multiple others.. This is the master of all.

Its giant size, thickness & weight makes it a special. Drying car was never so easy. With this i could wash my car so quickly. Its really fun using thing.. A must have one.

Extremely happy with this product & i strongly recommend this to other.

Thanks DCI.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  devP on  - rated 5 stars

This is a very good drying towel and the size makes it easier to handle as well. Didn't have to wring it once while drying a large sedan.
Highly recommended. Optimum pricing.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Excellent drying towel on  - rated 5 stars

Purchased this product based on the recommendation of an expert .. I used to always follow the procedure of low pressure water sheeting and then a speed drive to get rid of all the water .. used this towel and it was the simplest to use.. just put the towel on any area of the car, gentle dabs and all the water gets soaked..

And the car was dry in 5 mins without any swirls.. (Most swirls are introduced during Drying )..

P.S. There is an option to buy 5 towels at a very low cost.. Go for it

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Rahul on  - rated 5 stars

I wash the car with hard water and my main problem was drying the water after washing. Hard water used to leave behind ugly spots if not dried quickly. The Blue Giant Drying towel has significantly reduced the drying time. The entire car can be dried very quickly without wringing the towel. Very good product.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Vinay on  - rated 5 stars

Bought this towel. One towel was more than enough to dry 2 cars. One side is long nap and other is short nap. Unlike conventional towels no need to wring the towel ! Great water retention capabilities. Place it on a wet surface and just remove it and it's dry. No need to drag like conventional towels. Very easy to dry the cars now. Very VFM compared to other brands !

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  nitin on  - rated 4.5 stars

For me, this is the best value-for-money towel for drying my car quickly and safely. The only experience that I had prior to this was synthetic chamois and waffle weave towel of a reputed brand. But I have found this towel much better than those I have used previously. I can finish drying a sedan in 7 mins flat and that too without wringing the towel even once. Truly a very good product by detailed clean. Keep it up.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Ram on  - rated 5 stars

I heard the reviews on this towel very impressed with it i now have 2 of the DC Drying towel.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Ravi on  - rated 5 stars

Just the towel I was looking for. Great size. Perfectly suited for my Accord. Real VFM pricing compared to alternatives available from other quality players.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Deepak on  - rated 5 stars

Got this product delivered thru speedpost, nice packing. Product looks exactly same as in photo :-). I expected it to be a bit more heavier that what it is , but that does nit matter. I used in once only for my sedan , yes, it works quite well....super absorbing capacity, very soft as well. Not usre of the quality holdinmg though after 1 year , assuming 50 carvwashes/year. Overall ,Recommend it strongly.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Tapas on  - rated 4.5 stars

After seeing the online feedback on this towel and a photo of how large it is I bought it. I am not disappointed it is huge and swallows up water. Better than other towels I have bought.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Tipu on  - rated 5 stars

Awesome - much better than the name brand waffle weave towel I had been using.
Plush on one side, a little less on the other, and coupled with correct car wash technique (pressure rinse+hand shampoo+pressure rinse+ sheeting water), this can be used to wipe dry the entire car without even wringing once in between (Hyundai i10). I believe the no wring method should work for larger cars too.
At this price, this product is a no brainer - go for it.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Sid on  - rated 4.5 stars

Bought this towel after seeing reviews in the UK, it is just MASSIVE 400gsm and at a great price, dont think just buy,

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  Gian on  - rated 5 stars

Its a huge towel covers half of the bonnet in a single wipe. It has little log nap at one side and shorter on the other side.
The water absorption is great and within two wipes, you can take out everything. No need to wring in between and it can easily dries a sedan with out wringing. VFM compared to other towels.
Edge lining should have been little softer.

DC Basics Blue Giant Drying Towel reviewed by  baran on  - rated 4.5 stars