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Nanolex Ultra Si3D 30ml HD Set

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Nanolex Ultra Si3D 30ml HD Set

The Nanolex Si3D HD Ultra Set contains all the components needed for an extremely durable paint coating, which impresses with its enormous durability, gloss enhancement and increase in paint hardness. It is an approved detailer product.

Nanolex Ultra Si3D 30ml HD Set contains:

  • Nanolex Si3D HD (30 or 50ml)
  • Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat (30 or 50ml)
  • Nanolex SiFinish (100 or 200ml)
  • Nanolex EX (200ml)
  • Nanolex Applicator-Block (1)
  • Nanolex Microfiber cloth lila (2/3)

The Nanolex Si3D HD Ultra Set contains everything you need to protect your vehicle for about 30,000 KM

  • Forms a stable protective layer
  • Long shelf life (up to >3 years - >30,000 KM)
  • Simplifies the cleaning considerably
  • Very resistant to chemical and mechanical stress
  • Extremely hard protective layer
  • Developed, tested and produced in Germany

The Nanolex Si3D HD forms a permanent chemical bond with the paint after application. Due to this strong bond the Nanolex Si3D HD convinces with a long durability. The Lackhhärte is significantly increased. Due to the hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil- and grease-repellent) surface, dirt will adhere less strongly in the future and will largely be washed off by running rain. When washing your car, you need significantly less chemicals than usual.

A surface treated with Nanolex Si3D HD has a clearly visible colour deepening. As a result, the gloss level is increased enormously. Furthermore, the Nanolex Si3D HD has an excellent beading (water bead behavior) and sheeting (water drainage behavior). Overall, the appearance of the treated vehicle is improved.

The Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat is the perfect match for your paint protection. While ordinary ceramic coatings are only hard, Nanolex has created a new level of flexibility. This flexibility allows the Base Coat to last longer on your paint and increases the protection factor enormously

Thanks to the Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat, it is now finally possible for you to further increase the outstanding protection of the Nanolex Si3D HD and to preserve it for up to five years. The more amorphous structure of the Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat allows the Nanolex Si3D HD to have a better bond and thus more shine and a longer service life. While ordinary ceramic coatings weaken the stability of the chains during crystallization, the Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat fills this gap, ensuring an extremely stable bond between your paint and the coatings.

You can apply the Nanolex Si3D HD one hour after the Nanolex Si3D BaseCoat. You save time and still get an uncompromising strong protective layer. Several layers of the base coat are possible.

Select 30ml or 50ml


For the best possible result, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Base coat Nanolex Si3D Base Coat for extreme hardness and flexibility and enormous service life
  • Glossy Nanolex Si3D HD for outstanding color deepening, easy cleaning, fast water drainage and unique shine
  • Nanolex SiFinish topping layer for water-stain reduction and stunning bead-off

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Nanolex Ultra Si3D 30ml HD Set

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