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Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular

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Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular

Bilt Hamber Auto-clay Regular grade removes harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes. Bilt Hamber clay improves paint durability, increasing the gloss level of waxes that are then applied. Bilt Hamber clay can be simply used without the need for a quick detailer, you can simply use water as lubrication for the clay.

Auto-clay regular is ideally suited to cars not previously clayed, those which are heavily contaminated or for the removal of overspray.

Auto-clay removes contaminated particles effortlessly from clean paint surfaces leaving a glass smooth ultra clean finish perfectly prepared for the application of waxes and other final stage products.

  • Uses plain tap water as lubricant
  • Removes contamination
  • Improves durability
  • Increases gloss when wax added
  • Surfactant, detergent and soap free
  • Comes in a plastic sealable container

1 x Auto Clay 200g


Use as like any other clay bar:

Spray either water or a quick detailer on the area you are going to work on and then rub Auto clay across the lubricated area several times. Rub the autoclay side to side if you feel the clay stick re-lubricate the area.

As always if you drop autoclay do not re-use it but throw it away.

Instructions from Bilt Hamber:

Competing clays require the use of special lubricants. Bilt-Hamber Laboratories auto-clay differs as its formulation enables normal tap water to provide the necessary lubrication. Some clay bars contain surfactants such as powdered detergents or soaps. Long-term use of surfactants can have adverse effects on paint systems - auto-clay contains no surfactants detergents soaps or other soluble materials.

Before using auto-clay thoroughly wash your car to remove any loose dirt. Direct sunlight should not fall on your car’s surface, and it’s best if the work area is relatively cool, but not cold. Rinse new clay bars in water. Regular grade clay can be softened in warm water for use in colder weather

While some users prefer to use the whole bar, it’s satisfactory to cut the bar into four pieces. To use the clay bar spray water with a plant mister on a small area of your car and rub the bar back and forth with light pressure. Auto-clay should glide across your paint keep the paint surface wetted thoroughly. Auto-clay must not be used dry. Listen carefully - at first you will hear the bar as it pulls the particles away from the paint, the noise and friction will disappear quickly.

After a few passes with the ClayBar, rub your fingers over the area to feel if the surface contamination was removed. Keep rubbing until all contamination is gone. Finally, wipe the clay residue off with a soft terrycloth towel, Just like waxing, work in small areas

What you will see coming off of the car and depositing itself on the clay bar is a reddish brownish residue, this is what you want to see. As the clay bar becomes soiled, simply fold it over squash it out and keep going. Under no circumstances should the clay bar be used if dropped on the ground, inside or out! The clay bar that comes in this pack is good for about 4 or 5 cleans on the average sized car. Once the paint is clean wax immediately.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Overall Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular has an average  5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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On my 3rd purchase. I think no other brand competes this product. Further,no other competes " the Detailed Clean India"

Go for it and look no further, you loose your time.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  Bishwanath Dasgupta on  - rated 5 stars

Quality Product with Great value for money.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  MotoSpa on  - rated 5 stars

Another great product which I got from DetailedClean, this Bilt Hamber Clay is value for money and workes better then some of the big named products with double the cost.
its something which every detailer & enthusiast must have.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  RVRidecare on  - rated 5 stars

excellent product.i bought it only after lot of research.can feel and see the result.but you have to use a good polish after claying.Keep the good work,detailedclean.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  venu on  - rated 5 stars

Its a great product to remove hard to remove bonded contamination such as tar, oxidation, paint drops, bird droppings etc. Must be used before wax application. No need for any clay lube. very economical and lasts for years if preserved properly.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  Polish and Passion on  - rated 5 stars

This was my 1st clay bar i had purchased and it worked like a charm on all my vehicles. The clay is white in color and one can see the contamination removed just by looking at the bar after the claying process. easy to use and requires plain water as a lube. extremely satisfied.

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  Ravi on  - rated 5 stars

This is my first venture into claying, and I am not disappointed with the product. It has the right consistency, being quiet hard to start with, so it can remove all contaminants. But it has been very effective in removing brownish contaminants. I love the fact that you can use it with plain water, so I keep a filled spray bottle handy. You can literally hear and feel the rough paint to start with, and after a few rubs the sound disappears and the surface feels super smooth. Excellent product

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  Sumit on  - rated 5 stars

I did a thorough search on Clay Bars and found that the Bilt Hamber Clay bar topped the charts in terms of pure capability and also ease of use. This is one of the very few clay bars that does not require a specialist clay lubricant - Bilt Hamber AutoClay works with tap water as the lubricant. I must admit, I was very apprehensive as I started out but the moment I felt the initial friction, the smooth gliding after a few passes and the glass-like feel of the clayed paint surface - I knew I had made the right choice! Excellent stuff - definitely recommended!

Bilt Hamber AutoClay Regular reviewed by  Siju Narayan on  - rated 5 stars


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