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Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover

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Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover

Poorboys SSR 2.0 (PB-SR216) Super Swirl Remover can be used by hand or a polishing machine and is ideal for detailers and enthusiasts. SSR 2 is ideal for removing medium swirls, fine scratches, oxidation and overspray from all finishes.

Poorboys SSR 2 works perfectly on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages adding slightly more abrasives and cleaners than SSR 1 but it won’t add new scratches as it gently removes existing ones.

  • SSR 2 is medium-fine, liquid glaze to remove swirls, oxidized pigment, acid rain marks, swirls and fine scratches while restoring luster and shine to either clear coat or pigmented paint.
  • May be applied by hand or a slow speed machine in either sun or shade.
  • Does not contain any wax or silicone..
  • Follow immediately with a coat of quality wax or polymer sealant.

Though this formula has a little more bite than SSR1, it’s still safe for all clear coats, paint finishes, gel coats, chrome, glass, plastic, and Plexiglas. Poorboy's World SSR2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover will not add new scratches as it gently removes existing scratches. Nano abrasive powder enables SSR2 to polish the paint without leaving tell-tale compounding haze. Often in just one step, your vehicle will look flawless.

All Poorboy’s products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun. They will not dry to a stubborn haze or mar your finish if applied in direct sunlight. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover SSR2 gives you plenty of working time to remove imperfections without dusting.

Poorboy’s Super Swirl Remover SSR2 can be applied by hand or with a polisher, by a professional or a novice. It works beautifully on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages. SSR2 contains no silicone, wax, or fillers - just an effective swirl eliminator.

16oz / 32oz


Simply apply a small amount of Poorboys SSR 2 to the paints surface or around a foam pad. Then spread SSR 2 over a small section before starting up your polishing machine.

At this point polish using light pressure and continue until SSR 2 starts to dust slightly and then buff this and any excess off with a quality microfibre cloth.

We always recommend you read the manufacturers instructions before use.


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Overall Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover has an average  5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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Great for what it is ment for . Fine swirls and scratches, or light oxidation. Took care of a few oxidation spots on my RE Classic 500 and made the paint smooth. Need not be followed by SSR1.0 as does not leave any hologram like SSR 2.5 and SSR 3.0. Smells Good too

Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover reviewed by  Kumar Gaurav on  - rated 5 stars

Good paint polish from Poorboys. Corrected my bad black paint on my ritz

Poorboys SSR 2.0 Super Swirl Remover reviewed by  Ravi on  - rated 5 stars