About Detailed Clean India

Detailed Clean Private Limited is registered in Delhi, with corporate identity number U52590DL2013FTC251103.

We at Detailed Clean India, just like you, love keep our cars clean and tidy. Some of our current customers will already know Amrit, who is the day to day contact for all our customers. If you need any advice or help he is here to help.

The team behind Detailed Clean India are the same people behind DetailedClean.co.uk the leading UK car detailing superstore. Our aim is simple. It is to bring the very best car detailing offerings to our Indian customers at prices that are honest.

On Detailed Clean India we have sourced only the best locally and internationally available car detailing products which we would personally use. At the moment we have a great growing collection of car detailing brands, which we hope to continually add too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Info AT DetailedClean.in