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Welcome to Detailed Clean India, the first dedicated Indian online car care products and car detailing supplies superstore store in India.

Car Care Products India

Safely washing your car so that you do not cause swirl marks may appear to be a complicated process but it’s actually really not. You only need two buckets, a lambswool mitt, and a microfibre drying towel. Detailed Clean India is pleased to bring only the finest imported car care products from the USA, UK, Germany and Asia. This means that you now have the option to use only the best available when cleaning your car safely in India. Our car care product ranges cater for both car and motorbike detailing enthusiasts and professional detailers alike.

Our range of car detailing products online, include car polish and compounds, car wax and sealants, car leather care and even car shampoos and scratch removers. If you enjoy and appreciate car care, we bring to you highly respected car care products from the likes of Auto Finesse, Poorboys World, Nanolex, and the excellent foam lances from Autobrite.

Car Detailing Products

We believe we have identified market leaders in car detailing supplies and offer them to you, priced competitively and in various sizes (including bulk buy car care products) to help you with your car detail.

This is important as when you carry out a car detail you want to use the correct tools and products. You need the right type of clay bar, or the correct type of car polish, polishing pad or dual action polisher. You might need a particular car wax suited to either a light or dark colour paint. This is when we believe we at Detailed Clean India can help you

Our helpful 'how to' advice combined with our car cleaning supplies, car valeting products and professional car detailing products give you the tools to produce a professional showroom finish to be proud of. We bring our car care detailers and enthusiasts alike professional detailing products from the likes of Bilt Hamber, Bouncer's Wax, Sonus, and Dodo Juice. Car detailing supplies from the top brands are always being added to the website.

Car Cleaning Products

At some point in time, everyone needs or uses car cleaning products, whether to achieve a sale or because they like to keep their car clean and tidy. We believe we have the best range to help clean your car. We have an extensive range of car cleaning products for both car interior cleaning and exterior car detailing. Not only this, but we like to pass on savings which is why we offer loyalty points on all car care purchases allowing you to save money on future orders. Therefore, you can maintain your car and its paintwork at minimal expense.

Our car maintenance products range from wheel cleaners, leather conditioners and car interior cleaners, glass sealants and windscreen cleaning and even trim dressings to return that black bumper look. To ultimately have a clean your, you need the correct car cleaning products which is why we bring to you the top car clean brands available in India such as Poorboys World India and Auto Finesse India.

Auto Detailing Supplies

If you require bulk purchasing of auto detailing supplies then we are the only online store you need. So if you require car care products in Bangalore (Bengaluru) or car cleaning products in Chennai, Kerala or Mumbai we are sure to be able to meet your auto detailing businesses needs.